Joy Kebu
Love & Freedom Enthusiast⚡️ DOMME- Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Sex & Relationship Writer, Author, Speaker, & Erotic Masseuse, Creatrix & Film Maker 🎥 💫 What you will find me explore here: Spirituality, Sexuality, Sensuality, Massages, Erotic hypnosis, Guided Masturbation audios, JOIs, FinDom, FemDom. Make one of my wishes come through. See my wishlist.
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It's okay to let people go!!! Cut the deadweight!

My anal training UNCENSORED! Watch me train my asshole with a butt plug.

I have been trying new things like exploring anal training and in this video I am sharing how I train my butthole with a butt plug to release my fear and inhibition with anal sex. This video is great for women who would like to release their fears of anal sex, and Men who would like to help their women ease into exploring anal sex. I will have an uncensored version of this free one on here soon. I share explicitly how I do it step by step.

New butt plug and Anal beads 😍😍😍. This is going to be fun. 😻

Created a new Voyeur Snapchat story for my own little world of exhibitionism. Today, I am training my butthole with my new but plug. Are you a worthy voyeur?


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